IT Solutions

Professional Services we will share visions with you to reach to the best solution of your satisfaction

  • Museums Technologies (showcase systems, Interactive museums, lighting systems)
  • Storage Systems, mobile shelving Solutions
  • ERP solutions, e-government
  • e-healthcare applications / hospitals management
  • Environment systems
  • Schools and education management systems
  • Barcode Tracking software, Barcode RFID tracking software
  • Security solutions
  • Fuel automations systems
  • Tracking systems (vehicles / persons).
  • Automation systems solutions
  • Mobile solutions, Cloud solutions
  • RFID solutions
  • Smart cards applications
  • On line data collection solutions
  • Oracle Solutions
  • Software solutions
  • VPN networks
  • customized-request software services
  • Communications
  • Training

Al-Tiqnyat Al-Haditha IT Solutions CO.

Healthcare systems

• Hospitals management systems.
• Pharmacies management systems.
• laboratory and radiological investigations management systems.
• Vaccine management systems.
• Smart health insurance cards systems.
• Medical staff attendance systems.

Schools and education management systems

• Our firm is designing and developing special educational systems software that provides to schools managements and electronic education more secure, more efficient and easier .
• All education business, in one box
• Defines an unlimited number of schools, stages, grades, and divisions.
• Determines the structural composition of the school in terms of buildings, floors, and rooms and connecting them with the classes and divisions.
• Determines the capacity of each classroom and linking it to the registration process.
• Adoption of a detailed registration card for the student includes all personal, academic, skills, historical, and other data.

Retail Fuel Solutions

Our company offers a wide range of fuel management systems (hardware and software) from different manufacturers worldwide. Station management systems connect all station operations, from sales to fuel pumps, to fuel supply to   tanks, to natural gas delivery. Thus, the system provides comprehensive management of sales and inventory through a direct connection to the equipment available at the gas station.

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